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Learn how gold purity is measured:

You hear about 14 K, 18 K and 22 K gold, so what is K, and what are the different variations? All K refers to Karat which is a unit of measure for gold purity and denotes how much gold content there is in an alloy relative to the amount of other metals mixed in. If an alloy is 1 karat gold, this means that it contains 1/24th gold, which means that it only contains 1 part of gold and 23 parts of alloyed metal. The 14 K contains 14 parts of gold and 10 parts of alloyed metal, while the 18 K contains 18 parts of gold and 6 parts of alloyed metal. The same process is applied to the 22K, as the 22 K contains 22 parts of gold and only 2 parts of alloyed metal.

Thus, the differences between 14 K, 18 K and 22 K is the gold purity, as such the 24 K gold is the purest gold and the 22 K is purer than 18 K, and surely 18 K is purer than 14 K.

For more illustration, the next chart clarifies the ratio of the gold in each K:

Obtaining a higher grade of K means that you are getting a much more valuable piece of gold.


Why obtain Anty jewelry made of 18K or higher gold content?

  • Besides being a luxurious source of happiness, obtaining jewelry made of gold is a great investment. Although the price of gold can be volatile in the short term, it has always maintained its value over the long term. Over the past twenty years, gold prices have increased by over 150%.
  • Moreover, gold production is one of the most environmentally friendly resource mining operations compared to other major mined products. Gold stores its value and that makes it a sustainable metal. Old gold jewelry pieces can be recycled and transformed into new designs.
  • Pieces of gold jewelry can last a lifetime. In fact, they can always be an excellent reminder of our loved ones.  
At ANTY we not only offer exclusive designs, but also jewelry containing a high degree of gold purity.   




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